That dreaded virus strikes again!

Just when Jepist decides to take over the radio interviews to give his side of the story, the virus strikes him down. But in the face of adversity, he rises to the challenge and goes on air, regardless.

Hear him fight the virus and talk about Chapter One “Vision of Lovely” on this Friday at 5:35pm.

The rest of us, meanwhile, are just about fit again to resume work on the Tooth Fairy Princess, which, sadly, due to the delays, now wont be available in time for Christmas this year.

However, subscribers to our art-loving community are now getting the whole story of SOUR, chopped up and delivered to their inboxes in short weekly episodes. So if you’d like to know the rest of the story, but don’t have time to read the whole book at once, subscribe NOW by filling in the form on the right.


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