You terrify me!

‘Sour’ got put in a drawer, until I found time to read it.
At 3’30 this morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I read it at last!

The nicest compliment I can bestow on you, is to say THERE IS NO WAY I WANT TO GO TO SLEEP WITH YOU!! I would end up, being sold for spare parts!! (There’s an idea for your next book!)

Your writing is so compelling, and ‘matter of fact’. You are talented, and I feel you could do equally as well with other genres, if you wanted to. Unfortunately horror and macabre stories have always disturbed me ‘Phsyco’ terrified me, as did a few pages of EXORCIST. I FOUND IT SO EVIL, I THREW IT AWAY! ‘SOUR’ GAVE ME NO HAPPINESS!!!

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