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Up until now we’ve only been talking about our first story, SOUR. But if you’ve checked out the “Stories” page, you’ll see that plans have already been underway for some time on the next two projects.

These past two weeks, we have made some significant progress on story 2, “The Tooth Fairy Princess”, which is now getting tight for a release date in time for Christmas (fingers crossed). The story is being written by artist, Cath Uttley. It is a fairy tale that has been passed down through generations of her family and told to the children at bed time. Up until now, it has never been written down.

The Tooth Fairy Princess

Cath came along to the studio a couple of weeks ago to formulate a storyboard for the musicians to follow. The music is being arranged and recorded by my studio band (otherwise known as The Dave Strider Band) who have already performed the backing tracks on other releases for the artists signed to my Wobbly Music label. The band consists of Dave Strider on guitars, Graham Gresh on Bass and Myself on Drums and percussion. Cath will also be singing on most of the tracks with voice additions by other collaborating artists. Apart from playing drums, I will be directing the musical arrangement and may also have a small voice part somewhere. My partner in this enterprise, Jepist, will be adding some guitar and synth effects that will hopefully bring all the parts of the story together at the end.

Last week, we all got together in the studio to record backing tracks for chapter 1. The music follows the chapter from summer to winter and ends with a lullaby written by Cath. The Tooth Fairy will make her appearance in chapter 2.

We also have some amazing artists working on illustrations for The Tooth Fairy Princess. In charge of the “good” characters, we have Sharon Chadwick, who you’ll already have heard on “Sour” as the radio presenter. She is also an amazing artist and we’re looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. In charge of the “evil” characters, is artist Damian Smith, who produces top notch portraits and caricatures of famous people, but up until now has had no major outlet for his own original comic-book style characters. The evil characters will be right up his street. You can get a taster for what is to come from his illustration for Chapter 4 of SOUR (Available shortly from the shop) . So you’re in for a real treat with this story!

Story 3 is called “Rooms”. The writer we had originally earmarked for this story has since become tied up with other work, so I will be writing this story also. The action follows some events in the lives of an ordinary suburban family in the 1980’s that take place over the space of a fortnight. The events are recounted in four rooms of their house. The Lounge, The Kitchen, The Bathroom and the Bedroom.

The music for “Rooms” is once again being produced by myself and Jepist, but this time it will be in the retro style of 80’s synth pop and will feature samples of sounds from each particular room. At the moment we are collecting those sounds and Jepist is working on some synth parts for the project. The vocalists haven’t yet been finalised but we are aiming for a release date sometime in the first quarter of next year.

Don’t take your eyes of of SOUR though! More content is still on the way from artists and film producers and will eventually appear in the shop as it is produced. The collectors package will become available in due course, so if you’re holding out for that, we’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

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