Sour – Lyrics – Chapter 4 – Stitch

A few people have asked for copies of the lyrics for SOUR. So here is chapter 4 – Stitch

©2017 Stocks/Monk

I’m so alone
Here on my own
Thinking of you

You’re everywhere
Yet you’re not there
What should I do?

Tomorrow I’ve got plans for us
I thought we might go to the sea
Somewhere alone where there isn’t a fuss
Somewhere we could be free

Come here my sweet
Let’s take a seat
Pull yourself together

You have an itch
Or just a stitch
I’ll fix, with pleasure

All of my affection is sewn into you
The past is best long forgotten
We can pick up the pieces and we’ll see it through
our paper and into our cotton

(Refrain with ghost sequence)
Oh Jeff, what have you done?
Why did it have to end this way?
Oh, don’t put me in that dress, Jeff. I always hated the dress. The colour just looks awful on me!
…and you’d better clean those shoes off, I’m not gonna wear them like that! There’s blood all over them!

Don’t nag, Tiff
You’re a bit stiff
But we got through

You dress well
Despite the smell
But I love you


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