Sour – Lyrics – Chapter 2 – Tiff

A few people have asked for copies of the lyrics for SOUR. So here is chapter 2 – Tiff

©2017 Stocks/Monk

JEFF (Sung)
A fine little wife you turned out to be
You’re in bed by 8 and you don’t get up till 3
I never get no sandwiches to take into work
There’s no tea on the table and I’m swimming in dirt

TIFF (Sung)
Nothing I did was ever right for you
If I said it was black you’d swear it was blue
I’d try to get close, but then you shove me away
I really don’t think there’s much more I can say.

JEFF (Spoken)
You’ve not seen the axe lying around anywhere? I want to chop that tree down tomorrow.

TIFF (Spoken)
Yeah, it’s over by the back door where you left it the last time.

TIFF (Sung)
You used to take me out and bring me flowers
But there’s very little in this home that I could call “ours”
You never seem to notice me at all any more
I feel like old mat you’ve trod in to the floor

BOTH (Spoken)
Jeff, before you go to work, can you leave me fifty quid?
What happened to the money I gave you yesterday?
I spent it!
What have you spent that on?
Food of course!
But you never made any dinner last night!
Well I cooked it, but it was cold before you came home, so I threw it in the bin!
Well wasn’t that a waste of money?

BOTH (Argument)
No I’m not going to give you any more money this week. I’m going for a meal tonight with my friends from work.
So what am I supposed to eat, then?
There must be something in the cupboard… Look, I’ve gotta get going.
But, Jeff…!!
Shut up woman!
You’re a pain in the neck
I’m a nervous wreck, and I really can’t take any more!

That’s right, just walk away like you always do! I’m not letting you go till we sort this thing out (Slams door)
Get out of my way! (Slap)

Instrumental (Sounds of things getting thrown)

JEFF (Sung)
Made me
Love you
Made me
Want you
Made me
Hate you
Made me…


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