Don’t Follow Your Heart

Tiffany and Jeff, a match made in heaven or hell?
I thought I was in a Mills & Boon novel, something I’ve spent over half a century avoiding, until events decidedly ventured towards Stephen King and beyond. It very soon entered spine tingling goosebumps territory. Before I had a chance to take more than a mouthful of my tea and bite of my jammy dodger I was knee deep in body parts and blood. Oh my goodness, I reached the end of the story, scarily scared, paranoid about nice people and with a cup of cold tea and a half eaten biscuit. Excellent.

Simon Gibson

You terrify me!

‘Sour’ got put in a drawer, until I found time to read it.
At 3’30 this morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I read it at last!

The nicest compliment I can bestow on you, is to say THERE IS NO WAY I WANT TO GO TO SLEEP WITH YOU!! I would end up, being sold for spare parts!! (There’s an idea for your next book!)

Your writing is so compelling, and ‘matter of fact’. You are talented, and I feel you could do equally as well with other genres, if you wanted to. Unfortunately horror and macabre stories have always disturbed me ‘Phsyco’ terrified me, as did a few pages of EXORCIST. I FOUND IT SO EVIL, I THREW IT AWAY! ‘SOUR’ GAVE ME NO HAPPINESS!!!

Joseph Garside

An unpredictable turn of events

Lynn Monk takes us on a journey of the unexpected. What starts off as a simple tale of infatuation slowly takes on a darker side which will send chills down the spine of any reader. Enthralling until its unexpected climatic conclusion.

Brewster Marshall

Brewster Marshall

Excellent Creativity from Jepist and Lynne

Have been fortunate to work with Jepist as a band and each each track Ive heard is excellent. I look forward to hearing the completed version! All the best AP Lizzie x

Lizzie Spiral


Loved SOUR…..for me the sound, and atmosphere of the music was epic….very info feel at the same time….with a touch of Gothic horror….the music, concept, creepiness of the story… there….BUT I LOVE THE MUSIC
“indi sounding!”

Damian Smith (Artist)

A Ghoulish Turn of Events – Sour Book Review

As always, Lynn puts her full effort and commitment into new projects and this one (writing/multi media, art) is no different.

The story starts off normally enough reminding me of the Film ‘From Dusk to Dawn’. No vampires here, but the similarity is in the ghoulish turn of events. Then, one is lead into the dark area of one persons mind, set on…. Well I don’t want to spoil the plot!

Not for the squeamish, but if you like Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger and the like, then this will appeal to you.

Also, It must be cool to have a gifted artist like Jepist collaborating with you!

John McKeon (Singer/Songwriter)

Book Review – SOUR

This Gothic horror tale has a very descriptive and imaginative narrative. The macabre humour makes this read light- heartedly entertaining in its’entirety which is attributed to the bizarre, yet clever creative writing skills of Lynn. There are a couple of unexpected twists in the tale and the story line is unpredictable right to the very end.

This book will appeal, not only to teenagers, who have a “wicked” sense of humour but to anyone interested in this genre and has a slightly quizzical view of the world!

The clever cover design by Jepist and the skillful artistic illustrations for this book enhance the mindset of this story too.

Highly recommended.

Sharon Chadwick (Artist)
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