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Well, after a week’s break I was back on the radio this morning talking about the last chapter of Sour called “Stitch”. I’ll be repeating myself again on Thursday before taking another week’s break to play at a festival in Wiltshire. Then I’ll be starting again in a couple of weeks with chapter one.

Today, I’ve been doing a bit of networking on Facebook and have found a few potential new collaborators. As luck would have it, a brilliant artist by the name of Damian Smith,

"Stitch" (Teaser) By Damian Smith

who we’ve been talking to about the project for a while, has coincidentally been working on a piece of art for this very same chapter, which we hope to see finished within the next few days.

As with the Book and the Music, the art will also be available to buy separately as both digital copies and eventually limited edition prints. The original artwork will also be put on sale at a later date after all the prints have been made. Some originals may be auctioned,  some will be sold at the artist’s usual prices, and some may even be added to our crowdfunding pages as rewards. However, that will be down to the artists to decide.

The Facebook likes for 17stories have today surpassed the first 100 milestone. We are completely bowled over by the response, especially from all the other fantastic artists, musicians and writers who all want to collaborate on future stories. We are so humbled by you guys! We really hope that we can get this brand in front of enough people to make some money for you through the sale of; not only the 17stories products that you will have worked so hard on; but also on your own projects, past, present and future.

We hope that many of our collaborators will add their details to our artist pages so that all the people who collect the series in the future will be able to find them and their other work easily.

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