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Well I’m back on this week, talking about the final chapter of SOUR, called STITCH. This will be my last radio broadcast for a while because next time we’re going to hear the story from Jepist’s perspective!

It’s not gonna get written with you staring at me!

So catch me on the radio on Monday 30th October at 8:50am and Thursday 2nd November at 4:35pm.


Other News …. Is there any? Well not really. I’m afraid the viruses have still got the better of us at the 17stories domain. The last two recording sessions for the Tooth Fairy Princess have been called off due to illness. However, I’m currently putting together a new campaign where new subscribers will not only get the free download of the Vision of Lovely single, but they also get the book of SOUR fed to them by email in bite-sized pieces (or should I say “all chopped up!”) but maybe that is saying too much! ;o)

Existing subscribers may have to re-subscribe in order to trigger this. However, the book is only £1 from our store anyway. Less than half the price of a coffee from Starbucks for at least 4 times the entertainment value! So what are you waiting for?

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