Fairies are left on the shelf at 17stories

Well it’s official… Sadly we’ve had to shelve “The Tooth Fairy Princess” until next year. Possibly sooner, but most likely it will be for a Christmas 2018 release.

This is due to life getting in the way as usual. The author and singer of The Tooth Fairy Princess has been snowed under with other stuff and has not been in a position to complete the project in time for this Christmas. But it’s not cancelled. We will definitely be working on it during 2018.

Meanwhile, Story 3 has now become story 2 and Jepist will finally be coming into the studio next week after some months of absence whilst he was also dealing with life, the Universe, and everything!

Story 3 …er …. 2, is called ROOMS; and is about an ordinary family living in 1980’s suburbia … or is it! Be prepared for another twist to the tale, like we had with SOUR. I suppose I’d better start writing it now! LOL

Unfortunately, due to some problems with the site software, it is currently a very slow process to update the Story and Artist pages. This is a shame, because I’ve recently received loads of stuff from collaborator, Sharon Chadwick, for her Artist pages. Sharon, as you may already know, is the voice on the radio in SOUR. She is also a brilliant artist and will be doing some art for the Tooth Fairy Princess in due course.

Meanwhile a board meeting with Jepist beckons! We will be discussing some top secret ideas for the new Story 3, and some new collaborators who may be coming on board in the future. Stay tuned!

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