Digital Artwork – “The Man” by Lynn Monk

An illustration for Chapter 1 of Sour, “Vision of Lovely”

LICENSE - Digital Art & Photography

Upon purchase of any item of digital art or photography, the following License applies...


  • Use the image for any personal use, such as desktop wallpaper, printing a hard copy for personal use, saving a backup copy.
  • Use the image for commercial use as a background to a printed advertisment, video, or physical packaging, where the image is supporting the campaign for a totally different product and is NOT the focus of the product.


  • Sell any physical copies of the image as a work of art.
  • Sell any digital copies of the image either as is or modified.
  • Upload and display the image on any website without the 17stories watermark.
  • Use the image on any merchandise or clothing.
  • Use the image in an online advertisement.


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