17stories Progress Halted by Yet Another Virus

We had scheduled a 17stories session for today and tomorrow, but sadly we’ve had to postpone it now till the New Year as Jepist has been suffering with a bad bout of flu this past week.

We are now so far behind our original schedule that Jepist did offer to struggle in for just a few hours to jam out some of the new ideas for ROOMS. But I didn’t think that being shut in an airtight sound-proofed room for any amount of time with a flu virus would be a particularly good idea. Especially since any and all viruses within visual distance of me will make a beeline straight for me. The last virus I had back in October nearly killed me and that wasn’t even as severe as flu.

So the upshot of all this is that we hope to re-schedule one of our normal length sessions for sometime in January, when we will have a much better chance of catching up with a few things. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for all the video producers who offered to make films for SOUR to come forward with their offerings. No doubt they have befallen similar problems. So if there are any budding video producers out there who want to have a bash at making a film for SOUR, please contact us for details.

I’ll be back with hopefully much better news in the New Year. So we’d like to wish all our art lovers a Very pleasant Christmas and a most prosperous 2018.

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