17 Stories
It’s not gonna get written with you staring at me!

17 stories is a collaborative arts project with a view to showcasing new talent in the fields of Art, Photography, Literature, Music & Video Production. There will be 17 unique stories in the collection encompassing many different subjects. Each story will be illustrated with original art and photography; an original music soundtrack in various genres; and a short film by a new video producer.

How much longer do I have to listen to the Bass Drum?

The project is the brainchild of two artists, Lynn Monk and Jepist Jepist, who met under the quite unique circumstance of Band and Fan. Lynn, being the drummer of a band called The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment, and Jepist, being one of their biggest fans. Shortly after Lynn found out that Jepist made his own music at home, she invited him to her studio to record one of his original songs. However, it was only after a further 3 years of following the band, that Jepist finally plucked up the courage to do it. Lynn was so inspired by the idea behind that song, that she expanded it into a full story, and 3 other songs were written to accompany the extra 3 chapters. That first song idea was called BITS, and ended up being chapter 3 of the first story, called SOUR.

After the first couple of recording sessions, it became evident that they had created something very special and quite unique. Lynn, being a businesswoman and entrepreneur, persuaded Jepist that the idea was worth more than just a single EP. So after much thought and discussion, they developed the whole concept into a long-term project and brand.

The name came about also through fate and coincidence. Jepist happened to mention that a lot of events in his life had featured the number 17. Lynn then dug out a short poem she had written way back in 2001..

Seventeen stories high.
Not very tall.
But it may take quite some time
to read them all!

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With such a coincidence culminating in the fact that all this had come together in the year 2017; it had to become the name of the brand. Hence there will be 16 more stories to follow in the collection. The stories will be mainly short stories that can be read in an hour or two. But not wishing to restrict our collaborators in any way means that there is no reason why a few of the 17 stories might not be full novels.

The stories will have many twists, turns, hidden gems, and cliffhangers between them. Don’t be surprised to get more than you bargained for when you buy the whole package. Many of the individual components of each package are also available separately.

Have you seen my drumsticks anywhere?

The Stories, Music, Film, Photography and Art will be as diverse as the many new artists who have already shown a great interest in the project. We hope you will want to collect the whole set, and support the artists by buying the products or by sponsoring the 17 stories brand. Some of the artists other art can also be purchased from links on their individual pages.

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